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WTO Public Forum 2008

This year’s edition of the WTO Public Forum offers an overview of the debates at the 2008 Forum, whose title was “Trading into the Future”.  An accompanying double DVD set contains the Public Forum 2008 website in English, French and Spanish, the full programme with audio recordings of individual sessions and a video debate.

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The Forum provided a unique opportunity for governments, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, parliamentarians, academics, members of the business community, journalists, lawyers and students to discuss how the trading system may best reflect the future needs and aspirations of the international community. The sessions held during the Forum triggered a frank and open debate on the multilateral trading system’s six decades as well as on the challenges and opportunities facing the WTO and all those involved in international trade. The Forum also sought to identify practical and effective ways forward for the multilateral trading system. A chapter is devoted to each of the sessions held during the two-day programme.

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