Harnessing Trade for Sustainable Development and a Green Economy

International trade is a key component of sustainable development. This brochure offers a set of messages on sustainable development and trade that may be pronounced at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (commonly known as Rio+20), which will take place in Brazil in June 2012.




The brochure looks at the workings of the WTO and how the multilateral trading system supports countries’ efforts to realize sustainable development and a green economy. It examines the contribution of trade to sustainable development and refers to green economy measures. It discusses how WTO rules and monitoring mechanisms help ensure such measures are not disguised protectionism. The brochure also looks at WTO efforts to help developing countries maximize the benefits of participation in international trade.

The final part of the brochure discusses the contribution to sustainable development that can be made through a successful completion of the Doha Round.

Published in 2011

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