World Trade Report 2003

Trade and development

The central focus of the World Trade Report 2003 is development. By explaining the origin of this issue and by offering an analytical framework within which to address the question of the relationship between trade and development, the Report aims to contribute to more informed discussion and a better appreciation of the options available to address policy challenges.

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The Report gives extensive examination to the Doha Round of global trade negotiations and states clearly that these talks hold significant potential for raising levels of development in impoverished countries. This is particularly true with respect to negotiations on agriculture and non-agricultural market access.

The Report argues forcefully in favour of an intensified engagement in the global trading system by all member governments. Without this greater commitment and leadership from governments, there will be a tendency to postpone the difficult political decisions that must be taken if we are to have a successful Doha Round and a stronger global trading system.

The Report also focuses on three issues of topical interest: “South-South trade”, “non-oil commodity markets”, and “regional trade agreements”. On each issue, the Report analyses developments over the last few years, highlights their implications, and draws a number of conclusions about the options facing governments.


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II. Trade and development

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