World Trade Report 2004


The World Trade Report 2004 starts with a brief discussion of how the notion of coherence is deployed in the analysis of interdependent policies across a wide range of issues and economic activities.

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The analysis then goes on to consider the interaction between trade and macroeconomic policy. This is followed by an examination of the role of infrastructure in trade and economic development, with a particular focus on transport, telecommunications, finance and business services.

Next comes a consideration of domestic market structures and what role governments might play in securing well functioning markets. The fourth issue covered is governance and institutions, which looks at the nature of institutions and how they influence economic outcomes. Finally, the Report closes with a discussion of the role of international cooperation in promoting policy coherence.

The Report also contains three essays on topics of particular current interest. The topics selected are “non-reciprocal preferences and the multilateral trading system”, the “liberalization of services trade through the temporary movement of labour” and “geographical indications”. Each of these issues is directly or indirectly implicated in the Doha negotiations. They are subjects in respect of which many members hold strong views. The essays seek to shed light on the underlying policy issues, the policy challenges, and the threats and opportunities embedded in each subject area.


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> Complete report (276 pages; 3162KB)


> Foreword, executive summary and related material (26 pages; 215KB)

I- Trade and Policy Developments

> Recent Trends in International Trade and Policy Developments (23 pages; 246KB)

> Selected Issues in Trade and Trade Policy (63 pages; 1489KB)

II- Coherence

> International Trade and Macroeconomic Policy (24 pages; 224KB)

> Infrastructure in Trade and Economic Development (35 pages; 324KB)

> Market Structure, Externalities and Policy Intervention (25 pages; 271KB)

> Governance and Institutions (11 pages; 154KB)

> Policy Coherence and International Cooperation (10 pages; 97KB)

> Conclusion (1 page; 25KB)

> Annexes (50 pages; 485KB)



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