World Trade Report 2006

Exploring the links between subsidies, trade and the WTO

The core topic of the World Trade Report 2006 is “subsidies”. The Report explores this area of policy in terms of how subsidies are defined, what economic theory can tell us about subsidies, why governments use subsidies, the most prominent sectors in which subsidies are applied and the role of the WTO Agreement in regulating subsidies in the context of international trade.

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The Report also provides brief analytical commentaries on certain topical trade issues. The 2006 Report covers “recent trends in textiles and clothing”, an “examination of the evolution of international royalty and fee payments”, “developments in the trade of least-developed countries” and an “analysis of the effects of natural disasters and terrorism on international trade flows”.


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> Complete report (266 pages; 3387KB)


> DG Foreword (3 pages; 337KB)

> Executive summary and related material (33 pages; 281KB)


I- Recent Trade Developments and selected trends in trade

> A. Recent trends in International trade (12 pages; 260KB)

> B. Selected trade developments and issues  (29 pages; 675KB)


II- Subsidies, Trade and the WTO

> A. Introduction (1 page; 64KB)

> B. Defining subsidies (9 pages; 131KB)

> C. The economics of subsidies (10 pages; 197KB)

> D. Some stated objectives of governments for using subsidies (44 pages; 446KB)

> E. The incidence of subsidies (81 pages; 939KB)

> F. Subsidies and the WTO (20 pages; 233KB)


> Bibliography (12 pages; 164KB)

> Technical notes (3 pages; 83KB)



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