World Trade Report 2014

Trade and development: recent trends and the role of the WTO

The World Trade Report 2014 looks at how four recent major economic trends have changed how developing countries can use trade to facilitate development: the economic rise of developing economies, the growing integration of global production through supply chains, the higher prices for agricultural goods and natural resources, and the increasing interdependence of the world economy. It also looks into what role the WTO can play.

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Moderator: Keith Rockwell, Director, WTO Information and External Relations Division

10:00-10:15 — Opening remarks 

10:15-10:35 — Presentation of the Report    

  • Robert Teh, Acting Director, WTO Economic Research and Statistics Division
    > presentation

10:35-10:50 — Discussant

  • Marcelo Olarreaga, Professor of Economics, Université de Genève
    > presentation

10:50-11:15 — Open discussion

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World Trade Report 2014