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WTO discussion papers

Discussion Papers are presented by the authors in their personal capacity and opinions expressed in these papers should be attributed to the authors. They are not meant to represent the positions or opinions of the WTO Secretariat or of its Members and are without prejudice to Members’ rights and obligations under the WTO. Any errors or omissions are the responsibility of the authors.

Any citation of these papers should ascribe authorship to staff of the WTO Secretariat and not to the WTO.

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No 13

Fulfilling the Marrakesh Mandate on Coherence: Ten Years of Cooperation between the WTO, IMF and World Bank

No 12

The Changing Landscape of RTAs: 2006 update

No 11

International Production Sharing: A Case for a Coherent Policy Framework

No 10

Demystifying Modelling Methods for Trade Policy

No 9

The WTO and Direct Taxation

No 8

The Changing Landscape of Regional Trade Agreements

No 7

Selected Issues Concerning the Multilateral Trading System

No 6

The Trade, Debt and Finance Nexus: at the Cross-roads of Micro—and Macroeconomics

No 5

The Global Textile and Clothing Industry post the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing

No 4

The Role of Export Taxes in the Field of Primary Commodities

No 3

Income Volatility in Small and Developing Economies: Export Concentration Matters

No 2

Improving the Availability of Trade Finance during Financial Crises

No 1

Industrial Tariffs and the Doha Development Agenda

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