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International Trade and Real Transmission Channels of Financial Shocks in Globalized Production Networks

The article analyses the role of international supply chains as transmission channels of a financial shock.

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Because individual firms are interdependent and rely on each other, either as supplier of intermediate goods or client for their own production, an exogenous financial shock affecting a single firm, such as the termination of a line of credit, reverberates through the productive chain. The transmission of the initial financial shock through real channels is tracked by modelling input-output interactions. The paper indicates that when banks operate at the limit of their institutional capacity, defined by the capital adequacy ratio, and if assets are priced to market, then a resonance effect amplifies the back and forth transmission between real and monetary circuits. The paper illustrates the proposed methodology by computing a supply-driven indicator (IRSIC) and indirect demand-driven impacts on five interconnected economies of different characteristics: China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States.

No: ERSD-2009-06

Hubert Escaith Ś WTO
Fabien Gonguet — École Polytechnique-ENSAE, Paris

Manuscript date: May 2009

Key Words:

International supply chains, monetary circuit, real linkages, transmission channels of financial shock, Asian International Input-Output Tables

JEL classification numbers:

C67, F23, F36, G01, L16


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