The long and winding road: how WTO members finally reached a trade facilitation agreement

The paper chronicles the negotiating history of the recently concluded Trade Facilitation Accord. Analysing the various stages of the decade-long effort to get the Agreement off the ground, it examines what was at stake in the negotiations, how they evolved and why they finally succeeded — despite many obstacles and detours along the way.

The study also suggests ways in which the exercise has broken new ground – for Trade Facilitation rule-making at the global level, for how WTO Members negotiate agreements, and for the world trading system as a whole.


No: ERSD-2014-06

Authors: Nora Neufeld is a Counsellor in the Trade Policy Review Division

Manuscript date: April 2014

Key Words:

WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation, trade facilitation negotiations, negotiating history, multilateral trading system;

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