Women's economic empowerment: an inherent part of Aid for Trade

Aid for Trade supports developing and least-developed countries in building their trade capacity and in increasing their exports by turning market access opportunities into market presence. It does so by addressing four key areas: trade policy & regulations; economic infrastructure; building productive capacity; and trade-related adjustment.

Through Aid for Trade, the WTO has been focusing on women with the aim of building their capacity to trade and using trade as a tool for their economic development. Gender equality is an inherent part of Aid for Trade. This has also been reflected in the Buenos Aires Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment which identified Aid for Trade as a key instrument to assist members in "analysing, designing and implementing more gender-responsive trade policies".

No: ERSD-2019-08

Authors: Anoush der Boghossian

Manuscript date: April 2019

Key Words:

Gender, international trade, women’s economic empowerment, trade policy, WTO, international trade rules, Aid for Trade.

JEL classification numbers:

F1 (F13 and F19), O1 (O19), Z0

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