Geneva Trade and Development Workshop


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Autumn Semester 2008




16 September 2008

Olivier Cadot
(University of Lausanne)

Does Regionalism Reduce the Volatility of Trade Policy? (co-authored with M. Olarreaga and J. Tschopp)
> Paper

2 October 2008

Simon Evenett
(University of St. Gallen)

The Doha Round Impasse and Its Potential Resolution: A Straightforward Graphical Account

14 October 2008

Jane Korinek (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD)

Clarifying Trade Costs in Maritime Transport
> Paper

21 October 2008

Richard Baldwin (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva)

Are Free Trade Agreements Contagious? (co-authored with D. Jaimovich)
> Paper

28 October 2008

Adrian Wood
(University of Oxford)

Openness is a Matter of Degree: How Trade Costs Reduce Demand Elasticities

11 November 2008

Ugo Panizza

Do Sovereign Defaults Hurt Exporters?(co-authored with E. Borensztein)
> Paper

18 November 2008

Carolina Lennon
(Université de Paris 1)

Exposure to External Country Specific Shocks and Income Volatility (co-authored with M. Jansen and R. Piermartini)
> Paper

25 November 2008

Martin Gassebner
(ETH Zürich)

Do Autocratic States Trade Less? (co-authored with Toke S. Aidt)
> Paper

9 December 2008

Marius Brülhart
(University of Lausanne)

How Wages and Employment Adjust to Trade Liberalization: Quasi-Experimental Experience from Austria (co-authored with C. Carrère and F. Trionfetti)
> Paper

16 December 2008

Simonetta Zarrilli

Making Certification Work for Sustainable Development: The Case of Biofuels.
> Paper