Geneva Trade and Development Workshop

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Spring Semester 2008




22 February 2008

Hylke Vandenbussche
(University of Leuven)

Anti-dumping Protection Hurts Exporters: Firm-level Evidence from France (co-authored with J. Konings)
> Paper

4 March 2008

Richard Baldwin

Are Trade Blocks Building or Stumbling Blocks? New Evidence (co-authored with E. Seghezza)
> Paper

18 March 2008

Jörg Mayer (UNCTAD)

Policy Space: What, For What and Where?
> Paper

1 April 2008

Michele Ruta (WTO)

Economic Integration, Political Integration or Both?(co-authored with D. Brou)
> Paper

15 April 2008

Nicole A. Mathys
(University of Lausanne)

Global Manufacturing SO2 Emissions: Does Trade Matter? (co-authored with J-M. Grether and J. De Melo). This paper is available from Springerlink
> Paper

29 April 2008

Mathias Thoenig
(University of Geneva)

Product-based Cultural Change: Is the Village Global? (co-authored with N. Maystre, J. Olivier and T. Verdier)
> Paper

13 May 2008

Stijn Claessens (IMF)

Location Decisions of Foreign Banks and Institutional Competitive Advantage (co-authored with N. Van Horen)
> Paper

27 May 2008

Chad Bown
(Brandeis University and WTO)

The WTO, Developing Country Exports, and Market Access: Firm-Level Evidence from an Unlikely Trade Preference Shock (co-authored with G. Porto)
> Paper

10 June 2008

Kishore Gawande
(Texas A&M)

What Governments Maximize and Why: The View From Trade (co-authored with P. Krishna and M. Olarreaga)
> Paper

24 June 2008

Donald Mac Laren
(University of Melbourne)

Partial Equilibrium Measures of Trade Restrictiveness (co-authored with P. Lloyd)
> Paper