Geneva Trade and Development Workshop

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Spring Semester 2009




17 February 2009

Massimiliano Cali
(Overseas Development Institute ODI)

Does Aid for Trade Really Improve Trade Performance? (co-authored with D. W. te Velde)
> Paper

3 March 2009

Stephen Browne
(International Trade Center ITC)

Aid and Influence: Do Donors Help or Hinder?

17 March 2009

Yasuyuki Todo
(University of Tokyo)

Quantitative Evaluation of Determinants of Export and FDI: Firm-Level Evidence from Japan
> Paper

31 March 2009

Mathias Thoenig
(University of Geneva)

The Geography of Conflicts and Regional Trade Agreements (co-authored with P. Martin and T. Mayer)
> Paper

21 April 2009

Juan Flores
(University of Geneva)

On Trade, Sovereign Defaults and Economics:  New Evidence from the 19th Century (I)"

5 May 2009

Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
(University of Geneva)

The ‘Emulator Effect’ of the Uruguay Round on US Regionalism (co-authored with M.  Fugazza)
> Paper

12 May 2009

Kyle Bagwell (Stanford University)

Profit Shifting and Trade Agreements in
Imperfectly Competitive Markets (co-authored with Robert W. Staiger)
> Paper

26 May 2009

Jong-Eun Lee
(OECD Economic Department)

Macroeconomic Determinants of Trade Disputes

9 June 2009

Giovanni Maggi
(Yale University)

Breach, Remedies and Dispute Settlement in Trade Agreements (co-authored with Robert W. Staiger)
> Paper

12 June 2009

Kamal Saggi
(Southern Methodist University, Dallas)

Bilateralism, Multilateralism, and the Quest for Global Free Trade (co-authored with H. M. Yildiz)
> Paper

16 June 2009

Robert Staiger
(Stanford University)

Delocation and Trade Agreements in Imperfectly Competitive Markets (co-authored with K. Bagwell)
> Paper

30 June 2009

Vivek Joshi
(Graduate Institute)

Preferential Tariff Formation The Case of the European Union
> Paper