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Past events

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Global Value Chains in the 21st Century: Policy Implications on Trade, Investment, Statistics and Developing Countries MOFCOM-WTO-UNCTAD-OECD (19-20 September 2012 Beijing, China)


International Workshop on Revisiting Trade in a Globalized World, (Chengdu, China, October 2011)


WTO Public Forum, (Geneva, September 2011)


Trade Workshop: The Fragmentation of Global Production and Trade in Value-Added — Developing New Measures of Cross Border Trade, Washington, 9-10 June 2011


Launch of Joint WTO-IDE/JETRO publication, (Geneva, 6 June 2011)


Meeting of the Working Party on Globalisation of Industry, (Paris, 19-20 May 2011)

Global Forum on Trade Statistics — Measuring global trade — do we have the right numbers?, (Geneva, 2-4 February 2011)


World Statistics Day (Geneva, October 2010): Measuring Trade in the XXIth Century, (Geneva, 20 October 2010)


Paris Senate meeting on trade statistics and value added measure, (Paris, 15 October 2010)
“les Actes de la conference”


Technical workshop on new metrics for global value added chains (GVCs), (OECD and World Bank, 22 September 2010)


Joint ADB-WIIW Conference on Comparative Analysis of Production Networks in Asia and Europe, (Vienna, 15-16 July 2010)


Conference of European Statisticians, (Paris, 8-10 June 2010)


Mondragone Economic Conference, (Rome, 22-23 June 2010)


Joint ILO-GTFA Conference on Globalization and Employment, (Geneva, 21-22 June 2010)


Committee of Experts of the WIOD-project Data Construction meeting, (Paris, 3-4 December 2009)


OECD Roundtable on “Impacts of the Economic Crisis on Globalisation and Global Value Chains”, (Paris, 28 October 2009)

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