Past events


> Global Value Chains in the 21st Century: Policy Implications on Trade, Investment, Statistics and Developing Countries MOFCOM-WTO-UNCTAD-OECD (19-20 September 2012 Beijing, China)

> Programme

> International Workshop on Revisiting Trade in a Globalized World, (Chengdu, China, October 2011)


> WTO Public Forum, (Geneva, September 2011)


> Trade Workshop: The Fragmentation of Global Production and Trade in Value-Added — Developing New Measures of Cross Border Trade, Washington, 9-10 June 2011


> Launch of Joint WTO-IDE/JETRO publication, (Geneva, 6 June 2011)


> Meeting of the Working Party on Globalisation of Industry, (Paris, 19-20 May 2011)

Global Forum on Trade Statistics — Measuring global trade — do we have the right numbers?, (Geneva, 2-4 February 2011)


World Statistics Day (Geneva, October 2010): Measuring Trade in the XXIth Century, (Geneva, 20 October 2010)


Paris Senate meeting on trade statistics and value added measure, (Paris, 15 October 2010)
> “les Actes de la conference”


Technical workshop on new metrics for global value added chains (GVCs), (OECD and World Bank, 22 September 2010)


Joint ADB-WIIW Conference on Comparative Analysis of Production Networks in Asia and Europe, (Vienna, 15-16 July 2010)


Conference of European Statisticians, (Paris, 8-10 June 2010)


Mondragone Economic Conference, (Rome, 22-23 June 2010)


Joint ILO-GTFA Conference on Globalization and Employment, (Geneva, 21-22 June 2010)


Committee of Experts of the WIOD-project Data Construction meeting, (Paris, 3-4 December 2009)


OECD Roundtable on “Impacts of the Economic Crisis on Globalisation and Global Value Chains”, (Paris, 28 October 2009)