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Globalization and trade flows: what you see is not what you get!
Andreas Maurer and Christophe Degain
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 29 pages, 443KB, opens in a new window)


International Supply Chains and Trade Elasticity in Times of Global Crisis
Hubert Escaith, Nannette Lindenberg and SÚbastien Miroudot
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 42 pages, 515KB, opens in a new window)


Market Shares in the Post-Uruguay Round Era: A Closer Look Using Shift-Share Analysis
Ninez Piezas-Jerbi and Coleman Nee
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 85 pages, 1.33MB, opens in a new window)


Mapping the Tariff Waters
Antonia Diakantoni and Hubert Escaith
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 31 pages, 463KB, opens in a new window)


International Trade and Real Transmission Channels of Financial Shocks in Globalized Production Networks
Hubert Escaith and Fabien Gonguet
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 33 pages, 334KB, opens in a new window)


Measuring GATS Mode 4 Trade Flows
Joscelyn Magdeleine and Andreas Maurer
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 20 pages, 114KB, opens in a new window)


The harmonized system — Amendments and their impact on WTO Members’ schedules
Dayong Yu
Abstract   Download (pdf format, 25 pages, 184KB, opens in a new window)