Current status of WTO accessions

 “Terms of accession” are negotiated by WTO members and the acceding government in various formal and informal settings — through bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral meetings or consultations.

WTO accession process at a glance

To better understand the different negotiating stages of the WTO accession process, click on the above diagram

Following the establishment of a working party for the accession process, bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral negotiations take place in parallel. The successful conclusion of these negotiations leads to the drafting of an accession package (“terms of accession/entry”), which needs to be adopted by the accession working party and approved by the WTO's General Council or Ministerial Conference. Subsequently, the acceding government has to accept the “terms of entry” — either through signature or ratification — and becomes a full-fledged WTO member 30 days after it notifies the acceptance of its Protocol of Accession to the WTO Director-General.

The chart below shows the current status for ongoing accessions and lists, by year of membership, the economies that have joined the WTO since 1995 pursuant to Article XII of the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization.


Current status of WTO accessions:

Working Party established for 

    Multilateral Process

    Bilateral Process

    Memorandum on the Foreign Trade Regime (MFTR) submitted by 

      Factual Summary of Points Raised circulated for 

        Elements of a draft Report stage (EdWPR) circulated for 

          Draft Report of the Working Party circulated for  

            Goods offer submitted by 



              On-going bilateral market access negotiations on goods 



                Draft Goods Schedule circulated for 



                  Services offer submitted by 



                    On-going bilateral market access negotiations on services 



                      Draft Services Schedule circulated for 



                        Draft Accession Package adopted, ad referendum, by the Working Party on the Accession of 

                          Formal action by GeneralCouncil/Ministerial Conference 

                            Acceptance by Acceding Government 

                              Notification of acceptance 

                                Membership since


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