Annual reports on accessions by the Director-General

Annual reports on accessions by the Director-General have been issued since 2009. These reports provide an overview of accession-related developments for the year under review, including a particular focus on accessions by least-developed countries. They also help to ensure transparency about the accession process. Since 2010, the reports have included a dedicated thematic/research section.


The Annual Reports on Accessions by the Director-General are prepared under the Secretariat's own responsibility and without prejudice to the positions of Members and to their rights and obligations under the WTO.

Year under review Thematic section(s) on Annual Report
Brochure Word
2021 N/A Coming soon WT/ACC/43
2021 The Accession of Least Developed Countries — Achievements and Outlook WT/ACC/40
2020 WTO Accessions and Regional Trade Integration WT/ACC/38/Rev.1
2019 Greater Coherence in Global Economic Policymaking: The Case of WTO Accession WT/ACC/36
2018 Report on recent developments in the Management of Accession Negotiations WT/ACC/33/Rev.1
2017 WTO accessions and improvements of business environment WT/ACC/31
2016 WTO accessions template for structural reforms and economic diversification WT/ACC/28
2015 20-Year Landscape of WTO accessions WT/ACC/25
“WTO at Twenty” — Accession Events and Initiatives
2014 Post-accession: Performance and support for Article XII Members WT/ACC/23
2013 Accession negotiations and WTO notification and publication requirements WT/ACC/21,
2012 Accession and Domestic Reforms WT/ACC/19
2011 Best practices in accession negotiations WT/ACC/15,
2010 Trade performance of recently acceded Members (RAMs) WT/ACC/14
2009 WT/ACC/13


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