General Council meeting of 8-9 February 2006

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8-9 February
15 May
27-28 July
10 October
7 November
14-15 December


Proposed agenda

I.   Report by the Chairman of the Trade Negotiations Committee

II.   Work programme on small Economies — Report by the Chairman of the dedicated session of the Committee on Trade and Development

III.   Non-recognition of rights under Article XXIV:6 and Article XXVIII of GATT 1994 — Communications from Honduras and Guatemala (WT/GC/85, WT/GC/90 and Corr.1 and WT/GC/100) — Statement by the Chairman

IV.   Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration

A.   Report of the Committee on its meetings of October and November 2005 (WT/BFA/83)
B.   Recommendations of the Committee following its meeting of February 2006 (WT/BFA/84 1)

V.   Derestriction of GATT 1947 Official Documents — Statement by the Chairman

VI.   Appointment of officers to WTO bodies

VII.   Election of Chairperson

Minutes of the meeting
(issued as a restricted document and subsequently derestricted following the procedures for the circulation and derestriction of WTO documents).

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