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General Council Meeting of 11 November 2005

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27-29 July
19-20 October
11 November
1-2 December


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I.   Accession of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ś Report of the working party1
More on Saudi Arabia
Report of the Working Party WT/ACC/SAU/61
Schedule of Concessions and Commitments on Goods WT/ACC/SAU/61/Add.1
Schedule of Specific Commitments in Services, List of Article II MFN Exemptions WT/ACC/SAU/61/Add.2


  In connection with this item, the attention of Members is drawn to the Decision-Making Procedures under Articles IX and XII of the WTO Agreement agreed by the General Council on 15 November 1995 (WT/L/93).

Minutes of the meeting
(issued as a restricted document and subsequently derestricted following the procedures for the circulation and derestriction of WTO documents).