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The Uruguay Round reform programme for trade in agriculture

The present rules and commitments on agriculture are often called the “Uruguay Round reform programme” — they were negotiated in the Uruguay Round and they include reductions in subsidies and protection as well as other disciplines on the trade.

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Agreement on Agriculture:
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Introduction  back to top

Agricultural trade
Trade policies prior to the WTO
Uruguay Round agricultural negotiations
Introduction to the Agreement on Agriculture
Relationship with other WTO Agreements
Product coverage
Rules and commitments
Implementation period
Committee on Agriculture

Market access  back to top

The conceptual framework
Schedule of tariff concessions
... and tariff quota commitments
The prohibition of non-tariff border measures
Special treatment
The special safeguard provisions
Notification obligations

Domestic support  back to top

The conceptual framework
The Green Box
Other exempt measures
Blue Box
Reduction commitments
Example: Calculation of the current total AMS
Notification obligations

Export competition/subsidies  back to top

The conceptual framework
Reduction commitments
Products with no specific reduction commitment
Notification obligations

Other issues  back to top

Export restrictions
Peace clause
Resolving disputes
Continuation clause

Net food-importing developing countries  back to top

Summary  back to top

Market access
Domestic support
Export subsidies
Export prohibitions and restrictions
Other aspects
Sanitary/phytosanitary measures

Abbreviations  back to top

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