The WTO’s Agriculture Agreement was negotiated in the 1986–94 Uruguay Round and is a significant first step towards fairer competition and a less distorted sector. WTO member governments agreed to improve market access and reduce trade-distorting subsidies in agriculture. In general, these commitments were phased in over a six years from 1995 (10 years for developing countries). The Agriculture Committee oversees the agreement’s implementation.

> Agriculture Information Management System
a database of WTO information on agriculture, including notified information and questions and answers in the committee

Meanwhile, members also agreed to continue the reform. Further talks, which are separate from the committee’s regular work, began in 2000. They were included in the broader negotiating agenda set at the 2001 Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar.

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> Negotiations, implementation and development: the Doha agenda
> The agriculture negotiations
> Cotton, including the sub-committee
> Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration

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> Sanitary and phytosanitary measures
(i.e. food safety and animal-plant health)





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> See news of the agriculture negotiations

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In a nutshell: how to follow current issues in agriculture
Summary and links to follow latest developments

Introduction to agricultural trade in the WTO
Links to the agriculture section of the WTO guide “Understanding the WTO”
Includes: New rules; Market access; Domestic support; Exports; Net food importers
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Fact sheet
> “The boxes” in domestic support


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The mandate 

Summary of the Agriculture Agreement
A technical summary

Explanation of the Agriculture Agreement
A more detailed 8-part technical introduction
Also available in pdf format together with the legal text. Download: WTO Agreements series: Agriculture

Browse or download the text of the Agriculture Agreement from the legal texts gateway

Find decisions of WTO bodies concerning the Agriculture Agreement in the Analytical Index — Guide to WTO Law and Practice

The Doha Implementation Decision, 2001
Ministers’ decisions on developing countries’ difficulties implementing the current WTO Agriculture Agreement.


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The Agriculture Committee and official documents 

Work on this subject is handled by the Agriculture Committee, which reports to the Goods Council. The work is officially recorded in the committee’s annual reports to the Goods Council and in the Secretariat’s summary reports. The current chair is .

> More on the Agriculture Committee and official documents

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See also:
> agriculture news, above


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Members’ transparency toolkit

Notification formats, handbook, links to members’ commitments and other aids for members’ transparency work in agriculture


Food security


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Events, workshops and training 

  • Technical assistance activities
  • Information session organized by the Permanent Mission of France
    Strengthening the resilience of agriculture through risk management: what role for public policies?
    9 November 2016


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Observer organizations in the Agriculture Committee

Committee meetings




Latest on commodities