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The Cancún ‘framework’ proposals


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This briefing document explains current agricultural issues raised before and in the current negotiations. It has been prepared by the Information and Media Relations Division of the WTO Secretariat to help public understanding about the agriculture negotiations. It is not an official record of the negotiations.

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Before Cancún:

  • US-EU: JOB(03)/157 (restricted), 13 August 2003
  • G-20 (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Venezuela): JOB(03)/162 (restricted), 20 August 2003; re-circulated as WT/MIN(03)/W/6 including Add.1 and Add.2, 30 September 2003
  • Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama: JOB(03)/164 (restricted), 20 August 2003 ; re-circulated as WT/MIN(03)/W/10, 5 September 2003
  • Japan: JOB(03)/165 (restricted), 20 August 2003
  • Bulgaria, Chinese Taipei, Iceland, Rep of Korea, Liechtenstein, Switzerland: JOB(03)/167 (restricted), 20 August 2003
  • Norway: JOB(03)/169 (restricted), 21 August 2003
  • Kenya: on special and differential treatment, JOB(03)/175 (restricted), 25 August 2003

Following consultations, General Council chairperson Carlos Pérez del Castillo included a draft “framework” on agriculture as Annex A of his draft Ministerial declaration, JOB(03)/150/Rev.1, 24 August 2003.

During Cancún, the following members proposed amendments to the framework in the Pérez del Castillo draft:

Further negotiations in Cancún led to a second revision in the “Derbez text”, JOB(03)/150/Rev.2, 13 September 2003.


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