Financing of Trade-Related Technical Assistance (TRTA)

Almost 62% of WTO TA resources in 2022 were voluntary contributions from the following donor Members, while the remaining 38% came from the WTO regular budget. Donor funding is therefore essential to continue delivering top quality technical assistance to developing and LDC Members and Observers, so that they can fully benefit from their participation in WTO and the multilateral trading system.

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The voluntary contributions received in 2022 shrank, for the third consecutive year, to an all-time low of CHF 6.6 million.

In recent years, several traditional donors started earmarking their voluntary contributions. Total earmarked funds increased for the sixth successive year, reaching CHF 3.5 million and now representing 44% of the resources available for technical assistance. As a result, the share of unearmarked contributions reached its lowest level in 2022, with CHF 3.1 million received from seven donor members.

TA expenses remained below the total TA resources available in 2022. Face-to-face TA only resumed in the second half of the year, which limited the growth of TA expenses (+50%). In 2022 they represented only 50% of their pre-pandemic level and hence stood well below the total resources available. This allowed the Secretariat to respond fully to the TA requests in 2022, with good prospects for full implementation of the TA plan in 2023.

Contributions can be made by contacting the Administration and General Services Division, Budget Section.

Voluntary Contributions 2018-2022



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