WTO introduction and focus days

WTO introduction and focus days are usually held at the WTO's headquarters in Geneva and are aimed at newly arrived delegates in Geneva, non-governmental organizations, new WTO staff members, interns working in the Secretariat and interested officials from other international organizations.


WTO introduction and focus days are organized by the ITTC in cooperation with experts from WTO divisions. They mainly consist of a presentation on the latest state of play in trade negotiations, the history of the multilateral trading system, the basic principles of the WTO, the functioning of the organization as well as different ways to access WTO-relevant information. The courses are provided with interpretation.

At the end of the introduction or focus day, the participants are expected to have:

  • acquired a general understanding of the WTO, its functioning and fundamental principles
  • learned how to access WTO-relevant resources through information technology
  • updated their knowledge on the WTO's current activities.

Details of forthcoming courses can be found here.