The products

The products are designed to ensure a “do-able” number of high quality activities, with expected durable effects. Each product comes with clearly identified objectives. In this way outcomes become measurable, making evaluation more meaningful. Each product targets a different need and is based on different levels of knowledge of the participants. Given the different nature of the technical assistance and training activities proposed and the objectives for each product, it is important that, prior to enrolling a participant on a specific course, the needs of the participants and the expected benefits for the beneficiary country are carefully assessed.

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List of activities

The products can be grouped broadly in five main categories:

  1. General WTO-related Technical Assistance and Training;
  2. Specialized and Advanced Technical Assistance and Training;
  3. Academic Support for Training and Capacity Building: an Integrated Approach;
  4. Trainee programmes and internships;
  5. ECampus

In addition to these products, there are two main programmes, the Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme (JITAP) and the Integrated Framework for trade-related assistance to LDCs (IF), which are processes or mechanisms for the delivery of technical assistance, rather than products per se.

The main characteristics of these products are presented in the TA Plan, followed by a more detailed listing of corresponding activities in the Product Matrix. A distinction is made between products that are geared towards basic learning, requiring relatively lower levels of base knowledge of the WTO multilateral trading system, and products that require increasingly specific and/or advanced knowledge and training.


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