WTO Reference Centres (RCs)

The WTO Reference Centres (RCs) aim at providing beneficiaries with a dedicated physical location where any relevant information on the WTO can be accessed via the WTO Internet site, on CD-ROMs, in print, as well as in electronic format.

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A brief overview of the Reference Centres Programme can be found in this leaflet. In 2012, the Secretariat established or upgraded nine reference centres.  Details of these reference centres can be found here.

Countries can also use the RC as their enquiry points to fulfil notification requirements under the Agreements on SPS, Technical Barriers to Trade and GATS as well as to participate to eTraining sessions.

In order to strenghten the Reference Centres Programme and to reinforce its role in the repositioning of the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation, a New Strategy has been established and implemented.

The list of contacts for the reference centres is available here.

Any other information related to the reference centres, can be obtained by contacting us at


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First WTO Reference Centre Symposium, 18-21 April 2011




ITTC Newsletter March 2011 — The WTO Reference Centre Programme: Promoting the multilateral trading system locally and globally