French and Irish Mission Internship Programme (FIMIP)

The French and Irish Mission Internship Programme (FIMIP), previously known as the Mission Internship Programme (MIP), was launched in 2001 with the aim of providing through the WTO, additional support to the small missions in Geneva to help them follow WTO-related work. Interns under the FIMIP are attached to their country's mission in Geneva for a maximum duration of 10 months. They are considered as a delegate of their country and can represent it in the various WTO meetings and committees. The French-Irish Mission Internship Programme is funded through extra budgetary sources.

Main features of the FIMIP, objectives and eligibility criteria

  • The FIMIP provides capital based mid-level public officials, with a minimum of 5 years of working experience on WTO issues with the opportunity to learn more about matters dealt with in the WTO.
  • This programme is available primarily to missions from LDCs and small and vulnerable economies.
  • Candidates will come from the capital of the beneficiary country.
  • The retained candidates will work at the Geneva based permanent missions of the beneficiary Members and can represent their country in the various bodies within the WTO. 
  • Candidates are typically between 30 and 45 years of age.
  • The official will receive a lump sum of CHF 5,000 per month plus travel expenses and will spend a total period of up to ten months with the WTO.  The internship cannot under any circumstances exceed the 10 months.
  • Through the programme the interns are expected to:
    • enhance knowledge and understanding of the WTO multilateral trading system and of trade policy in general,
    • strengthen the understanding of the negotiation process at the WTO, and
    • support the mission in participating in the daily activities of the WTO.

How to apply?

Following a call for candidates to eligible beneficiaries through the established channels, applications should be submitted electronically to the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation (ITTC) as specified in the letter of invitation. It should include:

  • a complete curriculum vitae (CV),
  • a letter of motivation,
  • specific indications of the tasks that the candidates are expected to perform,
  • a short biography of 150 words,
  • a letter of support from the nominating national authorities,
  • a letter of support from the Permanent Mission in Geneva.

Incomplete files will not be considered. Given the budgetary constraints, and with a view to providing appropriate guidance and supervision to the interns, the total number of FIMIPs shall not exceed 20 per year. The programme will normally start in spring and finish before the end of year break, when the WTO Secretariat closes.

The selection process

Candidacies will be reviewed by a WTO selection committee, comprising the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation (ITTC), the Development Division (DD) and the Human Resources Division (HRD).  The committee will carefully review the qualifications of each  candidate and assess with all means at its disposal including the WTO's data base, the extent to which the candidate has undergone prior WTO training, the number of e-Learning courses completed, face to face training, regional seminars and RTPCs/ATPCs attended. In addition, feedback will be sought from WTO trainers on the performance of the candidate during the courses, in order to retain the highest qualified officials and for whom the committee considers that the candidate can make the most useful contribution to attain the set objectives of the programme. The selection may include telephone interviews and the permanent mission will also be consulted on the candidates to be retained. The selection committee will endeavour to maintain a regional and gender balance.

Countries that are in Category III are not eligible for the programme