The Academic Support Programme

The WTO Chairs Programme

The WTO Chairs Programme aims to support and promote trade-related academic activities by universities and research institutions in developing and least-developed countries.


The Academic Support Programme

This programme seeks to implement an integrated and coherent set of activities aimed at strengthening and developing academic cooperation links, with a view to support institutional capacities in academic institutions at the national levels. The targeted result will be achieved using three main programme pillars: research, curriculum development and outreach activities. Associated academic institutions are expected to progressively reach higher levels of institutional capacity in the three pillars.  The focus of the University Programme will gradually shift to activities within the framework of the follow-up to the intermediate TPCs, as the number of activities in this programme are increasing as the result of the rotation of courses to new venues. However, flexibility will be retained in order to implement, on a case-by-case analysis other complementary activities in the fields of academic support.  Additional support, such as academic support missions, review of papers, donation of WTO publications and pedagogical materials and other substantive support will also be provided and monitored by the ITTC.  These activities include:


Follow-up to intermediate trade policy courses

The increased capacity and expertise of the regional partner and the academic network, resulting from a series of Intermediate TPCs, are harnessed to move on to a new phase, in which the regional partner assumes a growing share of the responsibility for delivering follow-up on WTO training activities.


Workshops for university professors on WTO matters

Workshops for university professors on WTO matters are organized on a periodic basis to solidify and advance partnerships with academics.


National workshops for Academics

National workshops for Academics are activities aimed at supporting universities and research institutions on WTO and trade-related programmes and events.


Document dissemination programme

The document dissemination programme for universities is contributing to the creation and strengthening of a WTO “library” at universities. The WTO disseminates, on a yearly basis, a set of WTO publications, in both hard copy and electronic formats to groups of universities from developing countries, with a view to facilitating access to this information by the student population.


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