Appellate Body Annual Reports

Annual reports on the work of the Appellate Body and its Secretariat have been issued since 2003. These reports contain information about the composition of the Appellate Body, the appeals filed and the Appellate Body reports circulated during the period covered, as well as technical assistance and other developments. The annual reports also provide up-to-date information on a range of topics relating to appellate proceedings, including the subject matter of disputes and procedural issues raised in appeals, as well as statistics on the WTO agreements addressed, the percentage of panel reports appealed, and the participation of WTO Members in appeals. It also contains key speeches delivered by AB Members during the covered period.


The pages on this web site regarding the Appellate Body and the Appellate Body Secretariat are intended solely for information. These pages do not constitute an authoritative interpretation of the WTO Agreements, including the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes, or the Working Procedures for Appellate Review.

Year under review Annual Report
Brochure Official document
2019/20 WT/AB/30
2018 WT/AB/29
2017 WT/AB/28
2016 WT/AB/27
2015 WT/AB/26
2014 WT/AB/24
2013 WT/AB/20
2012 WT/AB/18
2011 WT/AB/17
2010 WT/AB/15
2009 WT/AB/13
2008 WT/AB/11
2007 WT/AB/9
2006 WT/AB/7
2005 WT/AB/5
2004 WT/AB/3
2003 WT/AB/1


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