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The Tariff Download Facility is a comprehensive database of WTO members’ customs tariffs and, where available, imports. The data are the general non-preferential rates (officially known as “most-favoured nation” or MFN rates) and are both the rates actually charged (or “applied”) and countries’ committed maximum rates (legally “bound” in the WTO).

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They are disaggregated to the standard level of detail identified by six-digit codes under the World Customs Organization’s internationally agreed “Harmonized System (HS)”. The information on applied tariffs and imports comes from WTO members’ submissions to the WTO’s Integrated Database (IDB); bound rates come from the Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS) database covering all WTO members.

The information complements the summary tariff statistics published in the WTO’s World Tariff Profiles. The Tariff Download Facility offers users flexibility in obtaining tariff data across countries, years and products. Data can be downloaded in Excel, XML or CSV formats.


The two panels Reporters (countries) and Products each have a collapsible editing area, that allows users to select or deselect items. An area at the bottom shows the current selection.

To limit the data shown in the Reporters (countries) editing area, use the Filter button at the upper left corner and select one of the filter criteria. In the example on the right, the application displays MFN applied tariffs for the latest available three years.

Products can be selected at different levels of disaggregation under the Harmonized System (HS): HS Chapter, HS heading and subheading. Note that all output is presented at HS subheading level.

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The product editing area also has a search function. When text describing a product is used to search for tariffs, the result is displayed in the form of all HS codes that contain that product description.

The database was published on the WTO website in July 2009, with interfaces in English, French and Spanish, at http://tariffdata.wto.org/.

Once the reporters (countries), years and products are selected, click “next” and a new window displays the number of rows extracted (ie, the number of applied and bound tariffs).

Below that are icons representing the available formats for downloading the data. Simply click on an icon to download the file in the desired format.


Example of a database extract in Excel format
Note: product descriptions are in the last column on the right