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Second discussion on ‘Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines’

On 19 and 21 September, the TRIPS Council held its second special discussion on intellectual property and access to medicines, as part of its week-long regular meeting. The first was in June 2001.


First meeting
Jun 2001
Doha Ministerial Conference

> TRIPS issues: Pharmaceuticals and patents
> Fact sheet on
TRIPS and pharmaceuticals
> A more technical explanation:
Pharmaceutical patents and the TRIPS Agreement
Høsbjør workshop on affordable medicines

Members discuss drafts for ministerial declaration

Two drafts for a ministerial declaration, the overall objectives of the WTO’s intellectual property (TRIPS) agreement, compulsory licensing, parallel imports and other issues were discussed in the second TRIPS Council meeting on access to medicines, 19 September 2001.

The council followed up with an informal meeting on 21 September when some additional drafts were discussed. The drafting was then handed over to the General Council chairperson’s consultations.  > summary of discussion

The drafts

These two drafts have been released as unrestricted documents. They are for a proposed separate ministerial declaration on this subject to be issued at the Fourth WTO Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar.

> African Group, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Venezuela.   Document IP/C/W/312 (TRIPS Council) and WT/GC/W/450 (General Council)
> Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and US.   Document IP/C/W/313