Technical Cooperation in the TRIPS Area

Information on the technical cooperation and training activities of the WTO Secretariat can be found on the Technical Cooperation and Training page. It should be noted that many of the general technical cooperation activities of the Secretariat cover also intellectual property.

The following provides information on technical cooperation specifically related to intellectual property, in particular on the commitments by the developed country Members on technical cooperation contained in the TRIPS Agreement and the implementation thereof, and the work of the Council for TRIPS in this area.

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Commitments contained in Article 67 

Article 67 of the TRIPS Agreement requires developed country Members to provide, on request and on mutually agreed terms and conditions, technical and financial cooperation in favour of developing and least-developed country Members. According to this provision, the objective of such cooperation is to facilitate the implementation of the Agreement. The Article specifies that such assistance shall include assistance in the preparation of laws and regulations on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as on the prevention of their abuse, and support regarding the establishment or reinforcement of domestic offices and agencies relevant to these matters, including the training of personnel.


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Information on the technical and financial cooperation programmes provided by developed country Members and intergovernmental organizations  

In order to ensure that information on available assistance is readily accessible and to facilitate the monitoring of compliance with the obligation of Article 67, developed country Members have agreed to present descriptions of their relevant technical and financial cooperation programmes and to update this annually. For the sake of transparency, intergovernmental organizations have also presented, on the invitation of the Council, information on their activities. The information from developed country Members, intergovernmental organizations and the WTO Secretariat on their on technical cooperation activities in TRIPS is circulated in documents in the IP/C/W/ series. They can be obtained from the WTO on-line document database.

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Contact points for technical cooperation 

Developed country Members have agreed to notify contact points in their administrations for technical cooperation on TRIPS.
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Cooperation with WIPO 

Technical cooperation is one of the three main areas covered by the Agreement between the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization. The cooperation agreement provides that the International Bureau of WIPO and the WTO Secretariat shall enhance cooperation in their legal-technical assistance and technical cooperation activities relating to the TRIPS Agreement for developing countries, so as to maximize the usefulness of those activities and ensure their mutually supportive nature. The assistance made available by each Secretariat to the members of its own organization will be made available also to the members of the other organization. The General Assembly of the WIPO has also agreed that the International Bureau should make arrangements so as to be able to respond to requests from developing countries for WIPO legal and technical assistance relating to the TRIPS Agreement and that it should expand the coverage of the TRIPS Agreement in existing WIPO development cooperation activities.