Programme “Le commerce au service de la paix”

Le programme “Le commerce au service de la paix” vise à mettre en lumière le rôle du commerce et de l'intégration économique pour promouvoir la paix et la sécurité. Il encourage la collaboration entre les acteurs du commerce, de la paix et de l'aide humanitaire, afin d'accroître les possibilités de tirer parti du système commercial multilatéral pour la paix et la stabilité.


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The Trade for Peace Programme grew out of the launch of the g7+ WTO Accessions Group at the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires in December 2017. The Group, which now consists of nine least-developed countries (LDCs) seeking to join the WTO, aims to facilitate the integration of fragile and conflict-affected economies into the multilateral trading system.

The goal of the Trade for Peace Programme is to assist countries in transitioning from fragility or conflict to stability and economic well-being. It aims to achieve this through: (i) political engagement, (ii) public dialogue and outreach, (iii) research, and (iv) capacity building.

Currently, 23 countries are in the process of joining the WTO. Over half of the acceding governments are LDCs and/or fragile and conflict-affected (FCA) states.

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Trade for Peace Network

The Trade for Peace Network allows policymakers and other experts to exchange ideas and identify areas of collaboration which could support FCA states.

The Network aims to:

  • provide a platform for regular exchange between policymakers and experts from the trade, peace and humanitarian communities to explore the nexus between the multilateral trading system, peace and security
  • explore areas of collaboration and actions by members of the Network, within their respective mandates, to support FCA states seeking to join the WTO and to transition from a state of fragility towards stability and prosperity through integration into the multilateral trading system
  • set the agenda and work programme for the Trade for Peace Programme, including collaborative research, training, outreach activities, and information and experience sharing among members of the Network.

The inaugural meeting of the Trade for Peace Network was held on 25 March 2021.

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Trade for Peace Podcast

The Trade for Peace Podcast is a 30-minute conversation with trade for peace champions — global policymakers, entrepreneurs and innovators — committed to promoting trade as a key ingredient for lasting peace.


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