A History of Law and Lawyers in the GATT/WTO
The Development of the Rule of Law in the Multilateral Trading System

En este libro se hace una descripción interesante y a veces sorprendente del papel que han desempeñado el derecho y los juristas a lo largo de la historia del sistema multilateral de comercio.

(de momento sólo en inglés)

The book brings together original contributions from an unprecedented number of eminent current and former GATT and WTO staff members, including many current and former Appellate Body members, to trace the history of law and lawyers in the GATT/WTO and to explore how the nature of legal work has evolved over the institution's 60-year history.

In doing so, it paints a fascinating portrait of the development of the rule of law in the multilateral trading system, and allows some of the most important personalities in GATT and WTO history to share their stories and reflect on the WTO's remarkable journey from a “provisionally applied treaty” to an international organisation defined by its commitment to the rule of law.

Co-published with Cambridge University Press in 2015

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