Market and policy trends in the cotton sector: prospects for sustainability

Ginebra, En la sede de la OMC

The cotton sector contributes significantly to the economies of many developing countries, notably the least-developed countries (LDCs), as a major source of livelihood and income for millions of rural smallholders worldwide.  In 2017, world production of cotton was valued at about USD 50 billion, while global trade stood at USD 17 billion.  It is estimated that around 100 million family farmers depend directly on the cotton industry across 75 countries.  As a result, through the generated economic activities and the impact on millions of rural smallholders and workers, cotton can make a positive contribution to the achievements of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This side event will depict plausible scenarios of key market trends that are likely to affect the cotton market over the coming decade, including the relationship between man-made fibres and natural fibres as well as the extent to which technology can alter that relationship. This can serve to inform and support policy-making processes at various levels in the formulation and execution of policies and investment strategies to ensure a more sustainable cotton sector.


Introductory remarks:

  • Mr. Qu Dongyu
    FAO Director-General

Technical presentation:

      Mr. El Mamoun Amrouk
      Economist, Trade & Markets Division, FAO


  • H.E. Ms. Madjidian Padja Ruth
    Minister of Production, Irrigation and Equipment of Chad
  • H.E. Jorge Montenegro
    Vice Minister of Development and Infrastructure for Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru
  • Ms Alia Malik
    Director of Implementation, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Panel Interaction

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