Key innovation themes for a sustainable, competitive and efficient cotton-textile industry

Ginebra, En la sede de la OMC

The primary objective of the side event is to shed light on the innovation and technology drivers that are shaping the development for a competitive and sustainable cotton-textile industry. Specific focus will be given to how companies in the sector can counterbalance the adverse effects that automation can cause with regards to employment, especially in developing countries.

The panel will also depict key market trends and consumers patterns that are affecting fashion-textile industry and illustrate to which extent innovation and technology can help to effectively and sustainably respond to consumers demands. Examples of recycling and upcycling in textile will be presented and discussed.

Transparency and traceability of supply chains will be discussed as a current priority for the industry to increase effective and sustainable management of value chains: manufacturers are often unable to “tell the story” behind their goods and how their goods are produced and move down the value chain into retail outlets.

The Panel will develop around the three strategic pillars of textile innovation, namely:

1. Smart, high performance materials
2. Advanced digital manufacturing, value chains and business models
3. Recycling, upcycling and resource efficiency in fashion textile


  • Mrs. Piera Francesca Solinas (UNIDO)


  • Mr. Marco Marzoli, Filmar group
  • Mr. Mohamed Negm, Cotton research institute, Egypt
  • Mr. Cristian Locatelli, Camozzi group
  • Mr. Heinz Zeller, Hugo Boss
  • Ms Natalia Papu Carrone, Circle economy
  • Mr. Cristian Locatelli, Camozzi group


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