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Ministerial Declarations and Decisions

The page lists the Ministerial Declarations and Decisions taken since the WTO was founded in 1995.

In general, ministerial conferences are the WTO’s highest decision-making body, meeting at least once every two years and providing political direction for the organization.

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WTO Ministerials:
> Hong Kong 13–18 Dec. 2005
> Cancún 10–14 Sept. 2003
> Doha 9–14 Nov. 2001
> Seattle 30 Nov.–3 Dec. 1999
> Geneva 18 & 20 May 1998
> Singapore 9–13 Dec. 1996

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logo for the 6th Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, China - 2005Hong Kong, 13-18 December 2005  back to top

Ministerial Declaration adopted on 18 December 2005 (final version)

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logo for the 5th Ministerial Conference in Cancun, Mexico - 2003Cancún, 10-14 September 2003  back to top

Concluding Ministerial statement, 14 September 2003

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logo for the 4th Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar - 2001Doha, 9-14 November 2001  back to top

Ministerial Declaration adopted on 14 November 2001

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Geneva, 18-20 May 1998  back to top

Ministerial Declaration adopted on 20 May  1998
Declaration on Global Electronic Commerce

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Singapore, 9-13 December 1996  back to top

Ministerial Declaration adopted on 13 December  1996
Ministerial declaration on trade in information technology products

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The Ministerial Conference is the topmost body of the WTO under the governance structure set up by the “Agreement Establishing the WTO”.

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