For journalists

The main online service provided by WTO for journalists is the ômedia newsroomö. This is a password protected area in which journalists can find:

  • advance copies of WTO reports and publications, under embargo
  • details of staff responsibilities and contacts within WTO's Information and External Relations Division
  • downloadable broadcast quality video
  • high resolution photos of WTO senior staff and premises
  • a journalist-only version of the weekly schedule of meetings with contact details for briefings.

If you already have access permission, click here to go to the newsroom.

If you are a journalist by profession … and would like to be considered for access to the media newsroom, please first register to receive email updates. Please be sure to click on the Journalist registration button, and respond to the additional questions regarding your media organization and supervisor. If your application is successful you will receive an email giving you the username and password needed for the media newsroom. You will also start receiving special journalist email updates when new material is added to the media newsroom.

Criteria for WTO accreditation of media

This is the general policy used by the WTO to provide media accreditation for various purposes. Please check media accreditation requirements for specific purposes, such as Ministerial Conferences, since not all criteria will be required in each case.

If you are not a journalist … but wish to consult WTO news materials follow this link to WTO news.

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