The compilation matrix reflects seven textual proposals: from New Zealand, Iceland and Pakistan; the European Union; Indonesia; the African, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) Group of States; a Latin American group composed of Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Uruguay; the Least-Developed Countries (LDC) Group; and Norway. All seven proposals are aimed at reaching a decision by December at the 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires.

Earlier, at the 18 July meeting of the NGR, WTO members had assented to the preparation of this document. The chair had said that the proponents had asked him, with the help of the WTO Secretariat, to prepare the compilation matrix on their behalf. He emphasized that this will not be a chair’s proposed text, but a simple compilation of members’ proposals with nothing added or subtracted.

The chair said this document, with its side-by-side presentation of the various proposals, should help members as they prepare to consult with their capitals over the summer. The next cluster of meetings will be scheduled in September.

Access the compilation matrix here.




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