Appellate Body Annual Report 2008

The Appellate Body is a permanent seven-member body set up by the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) and broadly representing the range of WTO membership. The Appellate Body can uphold, modify or reverse the legal findings and conclusions of a dispute panel.

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Members of the Appellate Body have four-year terms. They have to be individuals with recognized standing in the field of law and international trade, and not affiliated with any government. Each appeal by a WTO member is heard by three members of the Appellate Body. Thirteen appeals were filed in 2008. Its reports, once adopted by the DSB, must be accepted by the parties to the dispute.

The Appellate Body receives legal and administrative support from the Appellate Body Secretariat. The Secretariat currently comprises a Director and a team of ten lawyers, one administrative assistant, and three support staff.

The Appellate Body Annual Report 2008 provides a summary of the activities undertaken in 2008 by the Appellate Body and its Secretariat. The Report contains information about the composition of the Appellate Body, appeals filed, Appellate Body reports circulated and the subject-matter of these reports, and participation of WTO members in the appeals.

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