WTO Annual Report 2011

The 2011 WTO Annual Report provides a brief summary of the organization and a detailed review of its activities in 2010. It also includes a personal message from the Director-General, who reflects on the events of 2010 and the challenges that lie ahead.

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The main part of the Report is divided into the five principal areas of activity of the WTO:

  • trade negotiations ─ outlining the latest developments in the Doha Round

  • implementation and monitoring ─ describing how WTO agreements are being implemented and the organisation's trade monitoring role

  • dispute settlement ─ summarizing the commercial disputes brought by WTO members to the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body in 2010

  • building trade capacity ─ outlining the WTO's efforts to help developing countries improve their trade capacity

  • outreach ─ detailing how the WTO maintains dialogue with a variety of audiences.

The Report also features an in-depth look at the WTO's Public Forum and the Open Day, which were held in September 2010. The Report ends with a description of the WTO Secretariat and its budget.