WTO Public Forum 2012: Is multilateralism in crisis?

The WTO Public Forum is an annual event that provides non-governmental organizations, academics, businesses, students and others with the opportunity to discuss the latest issues regarding the multilateral trading system. Around 1,400 people registered for the 2012 Forum, whose theme was “Is Multilateralism in Crisis?”. This publication brings together summaries of the sessions and workshops held during the event.

The three-day event provided an opportunity for civil society and the public at large to debate the challenges faced by the multilateral community and to contribute ideas on how to move forward. Debates were structured around three sub-themes: formulating new approaches to multilateral trade opening; addressing 21st-century issues and identifying areas in need of new regulations, or which offer scope for future rule-making; and looking at the role of non-state actors in strengthening the multilateral trading system.

Published in 2013

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