Status of WTO Legal Instruments

The “Status of WTO Legal Instruments” publication covers the treaty instruments drawn up by WTO members in relation to the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the WTO and the multilateral and plurilateral trade agreements annexed to that Agreement. It lists the signature dates of WTO agreements and the dates of acceptance or amendments to those agreements. It also provides the date of their entry into force as well as for other communications and declarations received by the WTO Director-General in his capacity as depositary.

Following a brief introduction, the publication provides a comprehensive summary of the establishment of the WTO and the evolution of its treaty instruments. It also provides information on depositary notifications by the WTO Director-General, the relevant volumes of the WTO and UN Treaty Series, and treaty registration with the United Nations. Hyperlinks in the PDF allow readers direct access to the relevant WTO and UN documents.

This new edition reflects several WTO accessions, treaty amendments, certifications and procès-verbaux relating to WTO Members' goods, services, and GPA schedules since the previous edition was issued in 2015. The cut-off date of this new edition is 31 May 2019. It is available for download and order as a single consolidated publication (see links on the right).

To reflect more recent treaty developments, relevant sections of the publication have been updated to 24 March 2021, and are made available through the following links:



Published 2019
(cut-off date: 31 May 2019)

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