Geneva Trade and Development Workshop

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Autumn Semester 2009




15 September 2009

Simon Schropp
(Sidley Austin LLP)

Trade Policy Flexibility and Enforcement in the WTO A Law and Economics Analysis. This publication is available from Cambridge University Press.

29 September 2009

Alberto Portugal
(World Bank)

Revisiting Trade Facilitation and Export Performance (co-authored with John Wilson)
> Paper

6 October 2009

Nadia Rocha

What Constrains Africa's Exports? (co-authored withCaroline Freund)
> Paper

20 October 2009

Giovanni Valensisi

Industrialization, Poverty Traps, and the Dutch Disease: a Dual Model
> Paper

27 October 2009

Scott Taylor
(University of Calgary)

Environmental Crises: Past, Present and Future
> Paper

10 November 2009

Juan Marchetti

Do Economic Integration Agreements lead to Deeper Integration of Service Markets?
> Paper

24 November 2009

Jean-Louis Arcand
(Graduate Institute)

Aid, Peasants and Social Exclusion (co-authored with Natascha Wagner)

1 December 2009

Kishore Gawande
(The Bush School of Government and Public Service)

Openness, Closeness, and Regime Quality:  Evidence from the Second and Third Waves (co-authored with A. Islas-Camargo and S. Narula)
> Paper

8 December 2009

Peter Egger
(University of Zurich)

The Trade Effects of Endogenous Preferential Trade Agreements (co-authored with M. Larch, K E. Staub and R. Winkelmann)
> Paper

15 December 2009

Dominic Rohner
(University of Zurich)

Natural Resources and Conflicts