III. World trade in 2015-2016

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Table of Contents
I. Introduction

II. Trends in world trade: Looking back over the past ten years
> Charts and tables

III. World trade in 2015-16
> Charts and tables

IV. Trade in goods and services
> Charts and tables

V. Trading patterns: Global and regional perspectives
> Charts and tables

VI. Developing economies' participation in global trade
> Charts and tables

VII. Trade policy developments
> Charts and tables

VIII. Composition, definitions & methodology

IX. Statistical tables
> Tables
> All Excel tables in zip format



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General trends and drivers of world trade in 2015

Chart 3.1: Growth in volume of world merchandise trade and real GDP, 2005-2015

Chart 3.2: Prices of primary commodities, January 2014-March 2016

Chart 3.3: Nominal effective exchange rates of selected economies, January 2014 - March 2016

Chart 3.4: Volume of merchandise exports and imports by level of development, 2012Q1-2015Q4

Chart 3.5: Contributions to world trade volume growth by region, 2011-2015

Chart 3.6: Volume of merchandise exports and imports by region, 2012Q1-2015Q4

Trade in value and trade in volume: Which one to use when analysing trade?

Contribution to trade growth, in volume and unit price terms, 1981 ľ 2015 (per cent)

Average trade growth by volume, value and unit value (per cent)

Chart 3.7: Contributions to year-on-year growth in world merchandise trade by product, 2014Q1-2015Q4

Chart 3.8: World exports of commercial services by region, 2014Q4-2015Q4

Chart 3.9: World exports of commercial services by main category, 2014Q4-2015Q4

Chart 3.10: Container shipping throughput index, January 2007 - January 2016


World trade and output in early 2016

Chart 3.11: GDP growth of selected economies, 2014Q4-2016Q1

Chart 3.12: Merchandise exports and imports of selected economies, January 2014-March 2016

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