Accessions Transparency Tool Box (ATTB)

The aim of the Accessions Transparency Tool Box (ATTB) is to help acceding governments in their WTO accession process and to ensure transparency.  It includes a handbook, annual reports on accessions by the Director-General, an Accession Commitments Database (ACDB) and other tools to assist work on accessions and to ensure transparency in WTO accession negotiations.



> Accession Commitments Database (ACDB) to obtain all accession commitments and related information provided in the Accession Working Party Reports and Accession Protocols of the Members that have acceded to the WTO, pursuant to Article II of the Marrakesh Agreement.


> Legislative Action Plan Register


> I-TIP-Services Portal A set of linked databases that provides information on Members' commitments under the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), services commitments in regional trade agreements (RTA), applied measures in services, and services statistics.

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