South-South dialogue on LDCs and development

As of 2015, the China Programme also funds a 2-day ‘High-Level Annual Retreat’ with acceding LDCs and LDC WTO members and a select group of developing-country WTO members.  At the retreat, participants will review the evolving pattern of South-South cooperation on trade, with a view of strengthening the coordination among LDCs, and between LDCs and developing economies in the context of concluding multilateral negotiations.  Participants may also use the retreat as a forum to discuss and review objectives for forthcoming WTO Ministerial Conferences, LDC Trade Minister's meetings, and the Global Review on Aid for Trade.

Who prepares and organizes these ‘High-Level Annual Retreats’?

The Development Division in the WTO Secretariat, in close coordination with China, manages this pillar of the China Programme. 



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