Contracts and grades


Types of employment

Fixed-term contracts

A fixed-term contract is for a fixed duration. The initial appointment under a fixed-term contract is for a minimum period of one year, which is deemed to be a probationary period.  The contract may be extended one or more times. Upon completion of five years of continuous service under fixed-term conditions, the WTO may consider offering a permanent contract if the staff member's performance is deemed to be satisfactory.

Short-term contracts

A short-term contract is for a duration not exceeding 11 months, either on a daily basis or monthly basis. The main purpose of these contracts is to enable the WTO to manage seasonal or peak workload, meet unforeseen demands and cover essential work that cannot be performed by regular staff.

Consultant contracts

A consultant contract is offered to an individual who is a recognized authority and specialist in a specific field. The individual is engaged in an advisory capacity. A consultant must have special skills or knowledge that regular staff of the WTO do not have and for which there is no ongoing need.

Internship contracts

Internship contracts are available for post-graduate students or professionals who want to gain some experience of working at the WTO.

Grade structure

The WTO Secretariat has a grade structure covering professional and support jobs. Professional jobs range from grade 6 to grade 10, with support jobs from grade 1 to grade 7. Director level positions are at grades 11 and 12.

The WTO Grade Structure


Director level positions

Professional staff

Support staff