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The Agriculture Committee and implementation of commitments

Work on this subject is handled by the Agriculture Committee, which reports to the Goods Council. The work is officially recorded in the committee’s annual reports to the Goods Council and in the Secretariat’s summary reports.

Use the links below to search for agriculture documents, or go to the Agriculture Information Management System a database of WTO information on agriculture, including notified information and questions and answers in the committee.

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Officially, the Committee on Agriculture (CoA). For the Doha Round negotiations, the committee also meets in separate “special sessions”.


To oversee the Agriculture Agreement’s implementation; to provide members the opportunity to consult on issues related to the implementation of their commitments — General Council Decision WT/L/43 of 31 January 1995.

Organization of work and working procedures

This is set out in document G/AG/1 adopted 28 March 1995.

The review process

The questions members ask each other under the review of notifications is part of the committee’s key responsibility of overseeing how countries are complying with their commitments. They can also raise any concerns about developments in members’ agricultural policies. See Art.18

Implementation issues and concerns

Net-food importing developing countries

Export subsidies and agricultural trade

The committee reviews annually the “normal growth of world agricultural trade in the context of export subsidy commitments”.


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Agriculture Committee proceedings

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  • Annual reports of the committee to the Goods Council (for the General Council’s overview of WTO activities) (Document code varies)    > search    > help
  • Summary reports (the official record) of regular meetings of the Agriculture Committee (Document code G/AG/R/*)    > search    > help
  • Questions and answers from members in Agriculture Committee meetings, released publicly since the March 2010 meeting (Document code G/AG/W/* and “points raised by members under the review process”)    > search    > help

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> Notified information and questions and answers in the committee: Agriculture Information Management System

agriculture negotiations documents

Other data and official documents on agriculture

Tariff database

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Documents on agriculture use the code G/AG/*. Under the Doha agenda’s trade negotiations mandate, they use TN/AG/* (where * takes additional values).
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  • All notifications on agriculture: (Document code G/AG/N/*) 
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  • Notifications on export restrictions under Article 12.1(b) (ER:1) 
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  • Notifications on measures concerning net-food importing developing countries under Article 16.2  (NF:1) 
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  • Notifications on domestic support under Article 18.3  (DS:1, DS:2)
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  • Notifications on export subsidies under Articles 10 and 18.2
    (ES:1, ES:2, ES:3)
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  • Notifications on tariff and other quotas under Article 18.2 (MA:1, MA:2)
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  • Notifications on special safeguards under Articles 5.7 and 18.2 : (MA:3, MA:4, MA:5)
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  • Least-developed and net food-importing developing countries:
     general documents (Document code varies)    > search
    - annual monitoring exercise (Document code G/AG/GEN/* and keyword “Annual Monitoring Exercise”)    > search
    - list of countries (Document code varies)    > search
  • Supporting tables relating to commitments on agricultural products in Part IV of the schedules (Document code G/AG/AGST/*)    > search
  • Data: members’ shares of world trade in agricultural products (Document code G/AG/W/32/*)    > search
  • Working documents of the Agriculture Committee (Document code G/AG/W/*)
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  •  Disputes (requests for consultations) involving agriculture (Document code varies) > search

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