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Review of Operation and Implementation of SPS Agreement

The SPS Committee is required to review the operation and implementation of the SPS Agreement, as specified under Article 12.7 of the SPS Agreement. The Agreement was first reviewed three years after its entry into force in 1995. Subsequently, a Decision adopted at the fourth Ministerial Conference in 2001 instructed the Committee to undertake this review at least once every four years.

Reports of previous reviews

Relevant documents

Review-related News

Sixth Review of Operation and Implementation of SPS Agreement

WTO members discussed and adopted the proposed process for the Sixth Review of the SPS Agreement at the November 2023 meeting of the SPS Committee. The Committee will work on the Review of the Agreement throughout 2024. The process is scheduled to be completed in early 2025.

  • Secretariat Briefing for Delegates on the Sixth Review (13 March 2024): presentation and recording
  • All documents related to the Sixth Review are available here.
  • Review proposals and documents submitted by members are available here.
  • An overview of issues/papers/proposals received is available here.

SPS Agreement Handbook

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